Ok, comrades. My name’s Danny Klaven, and today I’d like to officially announce an upcoming Gravity Rain 5-track EP which will be called “There Is No Past”. The first original release since 2016.

And I’m telling you, this is going to be a special one. Many of you know that my art is not the easiest to consume. So, in the past 3 years I was bestowed a fair share of pain I hadn’t had any equivalent to before in my lifetime, extracted some very deep insights that’ve led to everything and nothing at the same time, I travelled the world a lot, met different folks and contributed to already a pretty fine collection of mistakes and illusions under my belt. All of this left me no choice but to create.

Being a producer and a sound engineer I also decided to make a series of videos on the whole production process at least for this EP for IG and YouTube. Those will include composition, demos, recording, mixing and mastering process and will be shot and narrated with collaboration and help of my partner whom I’ll announce later.

I honestly am not sure if I would continue with Gravity Rain after this EP is done, so I’ll definitely treat it specially. One thing I’ve learned for sure is to be much more honest and direct, and this includes my music as well. So, you can expect unprecedented sincerity at least. In a meantime, please enjoy this beautiful artwork sketch for “There Is No Past”.
Klaven. Out.

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