I’m Danny Klaven – the leader and the only man behind Gravity Rain. Welcome to my website. Here you’ll find everything you want to know about my music.
So, let me tell you more about Gravity Rain.

It is based in Samara, Russia. I consider the release of the EP “The Shining Silence” to be the moment of the project’s formation, so, it’s spring 2014. Musically Gravity Rain tends to modern melodic metal with a Scandinavian flavor and clean vocals on one hand, and atmospheric metal on the other. Although you won’t hear much of the latter on the debut EP it will become a significant part of the future records.

Lyrically I explore my darker self and deal with complexity of my existence. I think the key words that can describe my lyrics are – struggle, love, pain, fear, freedom, self and justice. I don’t have any message to deliver to the audience; my music is the way to cognize myself, so if it helps, inspires or encourages anyone on the way – this is totally beautiful.