Campaign Update!

Okaaay, Gravity fans!
10 days have passed since we lauched our fundraiser on INDIEGOGO.COM and together we’ve managed to reach 15% of our goal which is no less than $678! That’s awesome, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! The new single “Ikameshii” is ready and soon it will be provided exclusively for the appropriate funders. And here’s my official and sincere GRATITUDE for all funders (that accepted their feature) as promised:

Anton “Fntc” Mishin Tony
Natalia Klukina Nat
Olga Yurlova Olg
Jennifer Murphy Tan
Artem and Maria Vodyanovs Vodyanovs
Andrew Gilevich
Nadezhda Vekhova Nadezhda
Maxim Zaidov Max
Lion Boom Boom DSCN1195
valeri_off Ler
Victoria Mamaeva d7yhIxnhuDg
Richard Hartwig Rich
Zlatan Ibragimovich IMG_1216
Silvestor Stallone
Pavel Yashihin BoaEbVDfxus

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